Temporary measures for Organic Food and Feed imports during the COVID-19 outbreak


Information on importing organic food and feed is available here

Import requirements for Organics during COVID-19

Organic Certificate of Inspection (CoI) –

 must be produced in TRACES-NT

(further info available here)

Preferred option during COVID-19

Submit the original CoI signed and stamped in Box 18 by the Control Body/Authority


Back-up option during COVID-19

If the original is delayed in transit Port Health can perform the documentary check based on the information available in TRACES-NT. We will still require submission of commercial documents to check the information on TRACES-NT.


Submitting documents to Port Health

  • You must submit the original Organic Certificate of Inspection (CoI) with copy commercial documents (bill of lading, invoice and packing list) at least 24hrs before the vessel is due to arrive. If you do not have the original documentation see the next paragraph


  • If you do not have the original Organic Certificate of Inspection (CoI) because it is delayed in transit you will need to send us copy documents by email explaining why it is not possible to submit the original CoI.


  • The CoI should be available on TRACES-NT
  • Print the CoI to .pdf
  • Make sure you have clear scans of the commercial documents – bill of lading, invoice and packing list.
  • Create a .xps or .oxps file of all the required documents – CoI and commercial documents (details on converting documents to .xps are available here)
  • Emails the .xps or .oxps to edocs@scpha.gov.uk with the following statement (or similar) in the body of the email:

The original CoI is delayed in transit due to COVID-19 issues. When I receive it I will forward it to Port Health as soon as possible.

  • When you receive the original CoI submit it to us as soon as possible.