This bulletin provides an overview of the latest EU Exit information relating to UK borders from across UK Government.

As intermediaries and trade bodies who work with UK businesses, the role that you can play in helping the UK Government reach out to businesses and individuals is crucial.

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For more information, go to GOV.UK/EUEXIT.

Contents of this update:

Suspension of Entry Summary Declarations for 12 months

Duty Free announcement

Get ready for Brexit’ campaign has launched.

Get your business ready to export from the UK to the EU after Brexit

New guidance published today

Visiting The EU after Brexit

Business Readiness Fund

Business Sector Guidance

Upcoming Events.

Recent announcements

Feedback for HMG Brexit communication products

Suspension of Entry Summary Declarations for 12 months

HMRC have now laid the Statutory Instrument (SI) in relation to the waiver for Entry Summary Declarations (also referred to as Safety and Security Declarations) which will be in place from exit day.

This SI will suspend the requirement for Entry Summary Declarations on imports from the EU from exit day until 31 October 2020, to allow traders more time to prepare.

It also suspends the requirement for Safety and Security declarations for export on empty vehicles, containers and pallets (‘empties’) until 30 April 2020.

This is a transitional period during which businesses will be supported to get ready for Brexit, and is an extension to the previously arranged (for March/April) 6 month suspension for imports. Please note this does not remove the requirement from anyone the UK currently receives a declaration from. Goods entering the UK from non-EU countries will still have to make entry summary declarations as they do now.

The published SI can be found here –

Duty free announcement

The Government has announced the return of duty-free shopping with EU countries if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. This means:

  • People travelling to the EU will be able to take advantage of duty free shopping, with no requirement to pay UK tax and excise duties on cigarettes and alcohol when they go.
  • People travelling back from the EU will still be able to bring back unlimited amounts for their own use, if they pay tax and duty in Europe. They will also have the alternative option to buy limited amounts of duty free alcohol and cigarettes at duty free shops in Europe instead.

The published announcement can be found here

Clearly this decision will mean changes for many of our border industry stakeholders. Duty free will continue to be part of discussions at our BDG steering groups, but if you have any questions in the meantime please raise them with

Get ready for Brexit’ campaign has launched. 

The Government has launched its new public information campaign, ‘Get Ready for Brexit’, which will run across television, social media, billboards and other platforms.

Audiences include UK citizens intending to travel to Europe, exporters and importers with the EU and logistics organisations. As part of the campaign a new Brexit site has been launched on

Get Ready for Brexit

Get your business ready to export from the UK to the EU after Brexit

The site includes step by step guides on how to export goods from the UK to the EU after Brexit, how to import, and how to transport goods.

Export from the UK to the EU after Brexit

Import from the EU to the UK after Brexit

Transport goods from UK by road

New guidance published today

There are two new guides published today which will be useful for hauliers and traders. DfT have published their haulier reference guide for haulier managers and HMRC have published an EORI mythbuster to answer questions about UK and EU EORI numbers and who needs them.

Visiting the EU after Brexit

There is also a section to help travelers understand what they need to do travel after Brexit, including:

  • checking your passport
  • getting travel insurance to make sure you are covered for healthcare
  • making sure you have the right driving documents
  • getting a health certificate for your pet, as UK pet passports will no longer be valid in the EU (contact your vet at least 4 months before you travel)

Business Readiness Fund

The Government has announced a Business Readiness Fund to help UK businesses prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

The grants are for £25,000 and over. You can use the grant for things like:

  • producing advice packs
  • running events, training courses and webinars

Organisations that can apply include:

  • chambers of commerce
  • chartered institutes
  • professional bodies
  • trade associations
  • groups of organisations – you must appoint a lead organisation to deliver the project

For further information and the on-line application form visit

Business Sector Guidance


We are planning a series of webinars for European businesses to support increased understanding of key steps European businesses need to take to keep importing and exporting from/to the UK. We will keep you informed and provide more information on dates and how to register soon. We are also supporting HMRC in a series of UK-focused webinars on what UK businesses need to know to keep importing and exporting: please find the link to choose a date and time here.

In the meantime, if you would like to work with us to hold an additional webinar to build understanding of potential requirements further, please do let us know via.

Recent announcements

Government pledges £30 million to bolster ports for Brexit

£9 million announced to get ports and local areas ready for Brexit

£16 million funding boost to support thousands more customs experts

Feedback for HMG Brexit communication products

If you would like to provide any feedback on HMG Brexit communication products please contact us on