E-Certs and Cloned CVEDs

Electronic Health Certificates on TRACES – find out how to create (clone) the CVED from the Health Certificate

The competent authority of an exporting country is able to produce the health certificate for products of animal origin directly on TRACES. Not all countries produce electronic health certificates. Where a health certificate has been created electronically this certificate should be cloned in TRACES to create the CVED.

Finding the health certificate on TRACES

Using the TRACES email

  1. Once the health certificate has been completed in TRACES by the exporting country, TRACES sends an email with a link to the new certificate (e-cert) to:-
    • the person responsible for the load
    • the nominated BIP
  2. Use the link to open the health certificate in TRACES.

Using search

  1. If you are the person declared as responsible for the load you can also search for the E-cert in TRACES.

Finding the E-cert using the health certificate number

If you are not declared on the e-cert as the person responsible for the load, or you have not received an email from TRACES you can find the e-cert on TRACES if you have a copy of the Health Certificate.

Searching using the certificate number (*Except NZ)

  1. In TRACES select Veterinary Certificate to EU
  2. Complete the certificate reference number field with the reference number of the health certificate (the ‘local reference number’)
  3. Complete certificate reference number TRACES field – with the TRACES reference number on the health certificate
  4. Select country of destination (UK)
  5. Click on direct access (not search)

*For New Zealand certificates:

  1. In certificate reference number field – the reference number of the health certificate (the ‘local reference number’)
  2. Select country of origin (New Zealand)
  3. Select country of destination (UK)
  4. Click on direct access (not search)

Cloning an e-cert to produce a CVED

  1. Once you have opened the E-cert on TRACES you can create the CVED by clicking on the clone as CVED link. A certificate can only be cloned once.
  2. When the e-cert is cloned to a CVED the common details are copied from the e-cert to the CVED. Some of these copied details cannot be amended on the CVED; these boxes are greyed out in TRACES.
  3. The e-cert on TRACES alone is not sufficient for clearance. You will still need to submit the original hard copy of the e-cert signed and stamped by the competent authority to the BIP with your original signed CVED.