Suggestions, feedback and complaints

Your views are important to us and we value feedback on our services and welcome suggestions about how we can improve them. We will act on customer feedback, whenever practicable, to help us improve our services or efficiency and focus on the needs of our customers.

If you are satisfied with a service we have provided, or with a particular member of staff or team let us know. We will make sure your compliments are passed on to the right person.

How do I give compliments, suggestions or feedback?

Making a complaint

We strive to provide the best possible service but things can go wrong. When mistakes happen or you think our performance is not satisfactory we want to know so that we can put things right and prevent it from happening again.

What do we mean by a complaint?

A complaint is when you want to tell us that you are not satisfied with our standard of service or with any action or lack of action by us. You should make a complaint when:

How do I make a complaint?

Step 1 - Contact us

If you have a problem get in touch with us at the port health office and you will be put through to someone who can help. In most cases a Manager will need to review the case file before they can discuss your complaint. In order to provide you with a full response it is helpful if you email the port health office providing consignment details including a container number and brief details of your complaint. Most problems can be resolved on the spot but for those that may take a little longer we will make sure you are kept fully informed.

Step 2 - A formal complaint

We hope we can resolve your complaint by the first step.

If you are dissatisfied with our response please follow the complaints process on the East Suffolk website.

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