TRACES unavailable Sunday 13 September


The European Commission are carrying out maintenance on the TRACES system on Sunday.
TRACES will be unavailable between 09:00 and 18:30.

What is the impact?
  • Agents and Importers will not be able to create or amend CEDs and CVEDs
  • Port Health will not be able to carry out documentary checks or complete the outcome of inspections
  • ALVS will not be able to communicate with TRACES and automatic clearances will not take place for consignments examined on Sunday

Minimising disruption
Centrally, the connection between ALVS and TRACES will be switched off to minimise errors in the ALVS system

Locally at Port Health, plans are in place to:-
  • focus on completing the TRACES documentary checks in the period leading up to the downtime
  • make additional staff available Monday morning to update inspection decisions from Sundays examinations so that ALVS clearances can take place as soon as possible

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