POAO imports - updated certificate formats & permitted countries

New POAO Country Lists and Certificate Formats
What has changed?

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/759 has introduced new third country lists and new health certificate formats for some products of animal origin (POAO).

The revised third country lists are in force straight away, but there is change over period for certificate formats. Certificates issued before 3rd December 2016 can be accepted in the old format.

Which products are affected? 
Product Third country list Health certificate
Frogs legs Page 7 Page 11
Snails Page 7 Page 14
Gelatine and Collagen (according to species of origin of raw material)
Page 7 / 8
Gelatine - Page 17
Collagen – Page 22
Raw material for gelatine and collagen (according to species) Page 8 Page 27
Treated raw material for gelatine and collagen Page 9 Page 34
Honey, royal jelly and other apiculture products for human consumption Page 9 Page 40
Highly-refined products (Read more... Page 10 Page 43
Explanatory notes for the certificates can be found on page 50

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