POAO Charges 2017

Change in value of pound results in increased charges for imports of Products of Animal Origin for 2017
The charges for imports requiring a CVED are set out in EU Law.  SCPHA apply the minimum charge that is permitted.
Schedule of Charges for Imports of Products of Animal Origin
Applicable from 1 January 2017
These charges will apply to all consignments from vessels berthing after midnight on 31st December 2016.
1. All imported products:
  • Consignments up to 6 tonnes are subject to a minimum charge of £46.64 per consignment.
  • Additional tonnage between 7-46 tonnes £7.63 per tonne.
  • For consignments over 46 tonnes a maximum charge of £356.19 per consignment.
2. For products which transit through the community:
  • Minimum fee of £25.44 increased by £12.72 per quarter of an hour for every member of staff involved in the controls.
3. All products of animal origin from New Zealand:
  • Consignments up to 6 tonnes are subject to a minimum charge of £36.15 per consignment.
  • Consignments between 7 and 46 tonnes £5.92 per tonne.
  • Consignments over 46 tonnes are subject to a maximum charge of £276.47 per consignment.
4. Other administration charges for CVEDs:
  • For photocopying documents £1.00 per copy made by SCPHA staff.
Calculating the Charge

Commission Regulation 882/2004 sets minimum harmonised charges in ECUs which must be charged by Border Inspection Posts (BIP)for checks on Products of Animal Origin at import.

  • the legislation lays down the charge in ECUs each year
  • the exchange rate is set at the rate published in the C Series Official Journal published in September of the preceding year 
  • the exchange rate for 2017 was set at 1 ECU=£0.84806, comparatively 2016 was set at 1 ECU = £0.72753 
  • this means that there is an increase in the minimum charge
SCPHA has to keep to the minimum charge so charges are increasing 
Applying the charge
  • charges are based on the gross weight of products rounded up to the next full tonne 
  • there is one set of charges for all imported products except those from New Zealand
  • the format of the charge remains the same
Other Charges

Reviews of all other charges will be undertaken between January and March 2017. Any changes will be applied from the 1st April 2017. Further details will follow on these.

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