Plastic kitchenware and organic imports- new information requirements


To aid admin processes, from the 5th May 2016, there are new fields on the PDD and organic pre-notification
Change to the Plastic Declaration Document (PDD)

To improve finance processes for Plastic Declaration Documents submitted through PHILIS online you are now required to confirm details of the company who is paying for the checks.

The new Section 13 of the online PDD Charges for the Consignment is a mandatory field. This field should be completed with details of the company who is accepting the charge.

The details entered into this section will not appear on the printed PDD Document. The printed document will continue to show the Competent Authority Declaration which is completed by Port Health.

Change to the Organic Pre-notification Document

If you import organic products that are Regulated by Port Health you will need to start using the new pre-notification form to submit details of your consignment. The new form asks you to confirm details of the company paying the charges as well as details of who the certificate should be returned to.

More Information

Download the new organic declaration [Excel]

Download the new organic declaration [PDF]

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