paan leaves banned due to salmonella


Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Issue Number 01 | February 2014 |
Port Health Update - Imports of Food and Feed  
Temporary ban on betel leaves (Piper betle, commonly known as Paan leaf or Betel quid) from Bangladesh

There is an issue with Betel leaves from Bangladesh being contaminated with salmonella. 

The export controls in Bangladesh are not effective enough to ensure that only safe products are exported and as a result the European Commission has banned imports.

Commission Implementing Decision 2014/88/EU as amended by CIR 2018/935 beginning August 1 2014 and remaining in force until at least June 30, 2020.

Any betel (paan) leaves declared under CN 1404 90 00 (Piper betle) or foods containing or consisting of the leaves are prohibited import.

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