New Certificates for certain Animal By-Products


New health certificates now required for certain animal by-products (ABPs). The new certificates are in Regulation (EU) 2019/319 attached. These new health certificates can be used now

If you are importing the products listed below you should contact your supplier to ensure their issuing authority is aware of the need for certificates to be in this new format.

Certificates in the previous format must not be issued after 31st July 2019 and any consignments accompanied by such certificates must be imported by 30th September 2019. 

Consignments with certificates issued after 31st July 2019 which are not in the new format detailed in the above regulation cannot be imported and will be refused

Only certificates for certain animal by-products are affected. There are no changes to certificates for products for human consumption



Page number in Reg. 2019/319

Processed animal protein excluding from farmed insects

Chapter 1

7 to 13

Processed animal protein from farmed insects

Chapter 1a

14 to 20

Dairy products not for human consumption (NFHC)

Chapter 2A

21 to 26

Colostrum products NFHC

Chapter 2B

27 to 30

Canned Petfood

Chapter 3A

31 to 35

Processed Petfood

Chapter 3B

36 to 43

Dog chews

Chapter 3C

44 to 48

Raw Petfood

Chapter 3D

49 to 54

Flavouring innards

Chapter 3E

55 to 59

ABP for manufacture of petfood

Chapter 3F

60 to 66

Blood products for feed use

Chapter 4B

67 to 72

Untreated blood products for technical use

Chapter 4C

73 to 78

Treated blood products for technical use

Chapter 4D

79 to 83

Game trophies

Chapter 6B

84 to 88

ABP for technical use, Trade samples

Chapter 8

89 to 96

Rendered fats for feed use

Chapter 10A

97 to 103

Rendered fats for technical use

Chapter 10B

104 to 109

Gelatine and Collagen NFHC

Chapter 11

110 to 115

Hydrolysed protein, Dicalcium phosphate, Tricalcium phosphate

Chapter 12

116 to 122

Horns, horn products, hooves and hoof products for organic fertilisers

Chapter 18

123 to 126

Intermediate products importers declaration

Chapter 20

127 to 131

EU Regulations 2019

Regulation (EU) 2019 Regulation (EU) 2019 28-May-2019

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