Glazed Fishery Products


Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Issue Number 01 | March 2015|
Do you import glazed fishery products?

If so, please see the advice issued by the European Commission regarding the net weight to be declared on the CVED and the health certificate.

Commision Advice:

Glazing consists of applying a protective coating of ice to certain frozen seafood products.  For such glazed products, the question arises whether their net weight should or should not include the weight of the ice.

The answer is provided in Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, which is applicable from 13 December 2014.  In Annex IX (point 5) to that Regulation, it is clearly stated that the declared net weight of glazed food shall be exclusive of the glaze. 

According to Decision 2007/240/EC, Box I.20 of the health certificate must be completed with the net and gross weights and Box I.28 must be completed, among other information, with the net weight. According to Regulation (EC) No 136/2004, Box I.15 of the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) must be completed with the net weight of the actual product, excluding packaging.

Consequently, for consistency with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 and the information on the food label, the net weight indicated on the health certificates and CVEDs for glazed food must follow the same rule and be exclusive of the glaze.


For glazed fishery products the net weight declared on the health certificates and CVEDs should be exclusive of the weight of the glaze.  

Obviously it will take time for third country authorities to change their procedures with regard to how they declare the net weight for glazed fishery products.  We will continue to accept health certificates which show the net weight inclusive of the weight of the glaze until the end of June 2015.


Please ensure the net weight declared on the CVED matches the net weight on your Customs entry to avoid issues with ALVS clearance.

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