Food and Feed Control Changes 6th July 2018


There are several changes to the list of products subject to control from the 6th July 2018, which includes the addition of goji berries from China and pickled turnips from Lebanon and Syria. The primary legislation, Commission Regulation 669/2009 is updated every 6 months - the current legislative update applicable 6th July 2018 is Commission Implementing Decision 2018/941.

A common entry document (CED) will need to be submitted for all consignments and sampling will be carried out in accordance with the published frequencies. All CEDs must be submitted on TRACES.

The Commission Implementing Regulation will update and replace the list of food and feed controlled by Commission Regulation 669/2009. Products that are affected by the changes have been identified below.

New products subject to control

Product CN Code
Country of Origin Contaminant Checking Frequency

Goji berries
 (wolfberries) (Lycium barbarum L.) (Food - fresh, chilled or dried)

ex 0813 40 95
ex 0810 90 75
China Pesticide residues 10%

 (Brassica rapa spp.Rapa) (Food - prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid)

ex 2001 90 97 Lebanon & Syria Rhodamine B 50%

(Food - fresh, chilled or frozen**) Previously under 885/2014

ex 0709 99 99
ex 0710 80 95
India Pesticide residues 10%

 (Food - fresh, chilled or frozen**)

ex 0709 99 90
ex 0710 80 95
Vietnam Pesticide residues 50%
* Note that Indian okra no longer requires health certification.
** Okra from India and Vietnam now includes frozen product imports.

Products subject to a reduction to frequency of controls

Product CN Code
Country of Origin Contaminant Checking Frequency

(Food - fresh or chilled) 

0804 30 00 Benin Pesticide residues 10%

(Food - fresh or chilled)

ex 0810 90 75 Turkey Pesticide residues 10%

(Citrus limon, Citrus limonum) (Food - fresh, chilled or dried)

0805 50 10 Turkey Pesticide residues 10%


  • Dried grapes from Iran (Ochratoxin A)
  • Brassica oleracea from China (pesticides)
  • Strawberries from Egypt (pesticides)
  • Peas with pods from Kenya (pesticides)
  • Yardlong beans from Thailand (pesticides)
  • Aubergines from Uganda (pesticides)
  • Ethiopian eggplant from Uganda (pesticides)

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