Food and Feed control changes 1st Jan 2017


There are several changes to the list of products subject to control from the 1st January 2017, which includes the addition of grapes from Egypt and an increase in the sampling rate for lemons from Turkey from 10% to 20%.

The European Commission have not yet published the final Commission Implementing Regulation, an update will be published when this information is available.

The changes apply from 1st January 2017. 

A common entry document (CED) will need to be submitted for all consignments and sampling will be carried out in accordance with the published frequencies. All CEDs must be submitted on TRACES

The Commission Implementing Regulation will update and replace the list of food and feed controlled by Commission Regulation 669/2009. Products that are affected by the changes have been identified below.

New products subject to control
Product CN Code
Country of Origin Contaminant Checking Frequency
- food use fresh or chilled
0804 30 00
Benin Pesticide residues
Groundnuts and products
- feed and food
  Bolivia Aflatoxins 50%
Groundnuts (peanuts) in shell
1202 41 00
Groundnuts (peanuts) shelled
1202 42 00
Peanut butter
2008 11 10
Groundnuts (peanuts) otherwise prepared or preserved
2008 11 91
2008 11 96
2008 11 98
Table Grapes
- fresh or chilled
0806 10 10 Egypt Pesticide residues           20%
- food use fresh or chilled
ex 0810 90 75 30 Turkey Pesticide Residues
Aubergines (Solanum melongena)            0709 30 00            Uganda Pesticide Residues 20%
  ex 0710 80 95 72      
Ethiopean eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) ex 0709 99 90 80      
- Food - fresh, chilled or frozen ex 010 80 95 72                
Sesamum seeds
- food - fresh or chilled
1207 40 90 Uganda Salmonella 50%

Other Changes
Changes in frequency of sampling
Product Country of Origin Frequency
Lemons Turkey Increased from 10% to 20%
Pistachios  USA Reduced from 20% to 10%
Pithaya (dragon fruit) Vietnam Reduced from 20% to 10%
Changes to descriptions
Product Change
Aubergines All countries - product description changed to Aubergines (Solanum melongena)
Uganda only - Ethiopian eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) added
CN codes 0709 30 00 and ex 0710 80 95 continue to apply
Peppers Dominican Republic and Egypt Peppers (sweet and other than sweet) (Capsicum spp.) will now be Sweet peppers (Capsicum annuum) and Peppers (other than sweet) (Capsicum spp.)
Basil (holy, sweet) and Mint from Vietnam CN code ex 2008 99 99 has been removed, the products continue to be listed within Annex I


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