Egyptian Grapes

High volumes of Grapes from Egypt expected as a seasonal import June/July 2017 subject to import controls. 

Following the introduction for the first time of table grapes (CN 0806 10 10) of Egyptian origin to be subject to controls under Commission Regulation 669/2009 from 01.01.2017, information suggests that all imports will be made in a short seasonal window between the end of May through to July 2017.

To avoid delays associated with the controls, which include a requirement to sample 20% of consignments, please ensure TRACES entries are completed and CEDs/commercial documents submitted well in advance of arrival of the consignment to allow time for document processing and completion of the required checks. Please also ensure the correct fees have been paid. 

The associated charges are as per below:

 CED charge  £52.09
 Sampling Charge - Less than 10 subsamples  £71.07
 Analyst fee (includes ethephon)  £425.00
 Total additional charge where sample taken   £496.07
 Total CED + sample charge  £548.16

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