Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Issue Number 01 | March 2013 |

Port Health Update - Imports of Food and Feed 
Common Entry Documents to be entered on TRACES

Changes to the European Commission's computer system TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) allows the submission of CEDs (Common Entry Documents).  The European Commission is looking for EU member states to require that all CED pre-notifications are made on TRACES and that the completion of checks by border enforcement authorities (Port Health) are undertaken using the TRACES system.

This means that TRACES should be used, instead of Philis.co.uk, for the submission of CEDs to Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority.  Philis.co.uk is also used for the submission of CEDs to London and Liverpool Port Health Authorities who will also be actively encouraging a move to pre-notification of consignments to the TRACES system.

We would ask that from this point on you try to submit all CEDs on TRACES. A guidance document can be downloaded to assist you with the completion of the CED on TRACES and Port Health staff are available to assist with registration and completion of information boxes on the TRACES system.  We are able to arrange individual or group training sessions if required.

Philis.co.uk will remain available for the pre-notification of plastic declaration documents (PDDs) which do not require the submission of a CED.

Our target date for the registration of users and submission of all CEDs via the TRACES system is 01 April 2013 we hope that you are able to assist us in reaching this.

Further information about the importation of food that requires a CED

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