Peru bivalve molluscs ban extended


Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Issue Number 01 | October 2017 |

Port Health Update - Imports of Products of Animal Origin

Ban on certain bivalve molluscs from Peru extended until 30 November 2018


Commission Decision 2008/866/EC gives details of a ban on the import of certain bivalve molluscs intended for human consumption from Peru. This is because they have been associated with an outbreak of hepatitis A in the EU. The time period specified in the Decision has been amended by Commission Implementing Decision 2017/1840 and this extends the ban to 30 November 2018.

Products that are banned

All bivalve molluscs from Peru are banned, except  

  1. eviscerated Pectinidae (scallops) of aquaculture origin
  2. bivalve molluscs that have undergone a heat treatment as specified in point A.5(b) of Chapter II of Section VII of Annex III to Regulation (EC) no 853/2004


Port Health Officers will carry out physical checks on all consignments of bivalve molluscs from Peru presented for import at Felixstowe. Consignments containing banned products will be rejected from import.

Further information

Further information about the importation of products of animal origin including fish can be found by visiting the products of animal origin import guidance page.

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