My consignment has been held/detained by port health what do I do?

Port Health review the manifests for every vessel entering the port. The descriptions are checked to ensure that consignments which are subject to controls under the law, or are considered to be a risk to public health; meet the import requirements. All suspect consignments are detained/ held via the Destin8 system - which means that the consignment cannot leave the port until the detention is removed.

The descriptions on the manifest system are not very detailed and sometimes we will detain consignments that are not subject to checks because we don’t know what they are. For example plastic bags could be plastic bags containing food which we are interested in or they might be empty plastic bags.

If we detain your consignment you will need to send to us a copy of the invoice, packing list and bill of lading so that we can see what the product is and arrange for it to be released. If you are importing a controlled product you will need to send through the commercial documents plus any certification or analytical reports that are required.  You should check the import process pages for details.

See Submitting information about a consignment

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