How much will I be charged for the examination of my consignment?

The charges that port health make are calculated annually on a cost recovery basis.

A list of the current Port Health charges can be found on the fees page

Other Charges
In addition to the charge that Port Health makes the Port of Felixstowe may also make some additional charges to produce your container for examination and for the storage of the goods. There is a full list of these costs available here

Devan/ revan charges will be imposed where appropriate, you should discuss this with the LCL office. Costs are higher at the TCEF.

What are all the charges that I have got?
Importers sometimes contact us when they have received their final bill from their agent and find that it is higher that they anticipated. This may often be where the consignment has been refused entry and destroyed. In these cases there can be several elements to the charge some of which will be from port health and some which will be from the Port of Felixstowe to cover their costs of handling and storing your consignment. You should ask your agent for a break down of the charge, so that you can find out which part of it relates to port health, if you are still concerned about the costs please contact us.

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